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Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics offers a variety of programs in gymnastics, tumbling and ninja obstacle courses in a state-of-the-art facility. Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics has a reputation for offering innovative, challenging and, most of all, fun gymnastics programs for children ages 12 months to 13 years old.

Steve Hoehner founded Oklahoma Gold on his philosophy that children can enjoy themselves while building strong muscles and working as a team. Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics has served the Edmond and Oklahoma City area since 1998, making us one of the most tenured gymnastics centers in the state.

Our Mission

To passionately serve children by making all activities fun, challenging and rewarding. In doing so we’re confident we’ll help them develop self-confidence, self-esteem and big muscles!

Our Philosophy

Kids learn best when they are interested in the activity and when they are having fun! Parents want their children to spend the majority of their class time actively participating in the activity, not sitting and watching.

Our Vision

To continue to create a fun learning environment for children that is warm, caring and sensitive to their needs.

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Inclement weather policy2018-11-28T18:47:02+00:00

We will be having classes unless you are otherwise notified. The best places to check to make sure we are open are our Facebook page, Instagram and website. We do everything we possibly can to keep classes as regularly scheduled, however we will not put our families and staff at risk if we feel it is not safe to have class. Please note, we do not give make-up classes for students who missed class due to inclement weather if we still held classes.

School Year Sessions2018-11-04T18:47:22+00:00

We divide the school year into four sessions that are nine weeks long. Some sessions may include more than nine weeks because they may contain a holiday break, however, we do not charge you for those weeks.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes2018-11-04T18:47:59+00:00

All recreational classes are 55 minutes and meet one day per week. You may sign up for additional classes if you desire.

Session Tuition Payment2018-11-04T18:48:57+00:00

All session tuition is due in full at the time of enrollment. Enroll online (easiest & quickest) or by phone with credit or debit card, or in person.

Family Discount2018-11-04T18:49:40+00:00

Only the first enrolled class pays full price. After that, ALL subsequent class enrollments are discounted 10%.

Annual Registration Fee2018-11-04T18:50:22+00:00

$25 per student, per year. Registration fees will be charged to your account on the anniversary month of each student, each year.

Enrollment Commitment2018-11-04T18:51:29+00:00

Enrollment in our program is considered a minimum 9-week commitment. No refunds for missed classes or drops during the session. Due to this commitment, we will reserve your child’s class spot for the entire 9-week session and hold it for them, even if they have to miss. We will also give you first priority to keep your child’s class spot throughout all subsequent sessions during the school year. Everyone will need to re-enroll for the summer session.

Late Enrollment2018-11-04T18:52:04+00:00

If you miss the session start date, and there is an opening, you can still enroll in the class, we will prorate the tuition. This will guarantee first priority for enrollment in the next session.

Next Session Notification2018-11-04T18:52:35+00:00

All current session students are given first priority to hold their spot for the next session. Three weeks before the start of the next session, our office will notify all current session families via email, that next session tuition must be paid in full to secure your child’s class spot.

Next Session Payment2018-11-04T18:53:11+00:00

Unless you notify our office via email, no later than two weeks before the start of the next session, we will direct debit your credit or debit card on file (the same card you used when you first enrolled online). To opt out of direct debit, or if your card information is not on file, simply pay your tuition charges no later than two weeks before the start of the next session.

Notification of Drop2018-11-04T18:53:38+00:00

If your child will not be participating in the next session, simply respond to the notification email and let us know. Doing so will prevent our office from accidentally charging your card on file. Failure to do so WILL definitely result in our office charging your card on file.

100% Tuition Back Guarantee2018-11-04T18:54:27+00:00

We will refund 100% of the tuition for all brand new students after the first class who are dissatisfied for any reason.

M&M Olympics Fee2018-11-04T18:55:03+00:00

$25 will be charged to all session 4 students. M&M T-shirt, M&M trophy and two bags of M&M candies will be presented to all session 4 students participating in the M&M Olympics.

No Make-Ups2018-11-04T18:55:38+00:00

Most of our school year classes are filled to capacity. Allowing make-ups would overcrowd class sizes and create unfair teacher/student ratios. However, we do allow make-ups during the summer session.

Responsible Parties2018-11-04T18:56:09+00:00

Information about your account will be released ONLY to individuals who have been designated a ‘Responsible Party’ in your account.

What to Wear2018-11-04T19:02:53+00:00


Gymnastics – We prefer that the girls wear a leotard. Leotards can be purchased in our pro shop. Please wear hair pulled back and no jewelry.

Ninja Kids – We prefer regular athletic wear and tennis shoes are encouraged.


All – Gym shorts and t-shirts are preferred. Ninja kids need to wear tennis shoes. Gymnasts go barefoot.