Have a Blast Summer Camp

This is our annual gymnastics summer camp. It's designed it to give the kids an opportunity to experience Oklahoma GoldGymnastics in a different way.

We will set up our gym space in creative ways because we will offer new and exciting challenges. They will play some fun games, learn some new skills, have a snack and juice and hopefully make a new friend.

On one of the days we will rent a big water slide and let the kids enjoy a fun morning full of water activities. So, just let us take care of the details and we promise the kids will LOVE it! 

August 6th - 9th    9:30am - noon    $150 per camper     T-shirt included

Members and non-members welcome. Camper ages include boys and girls ages 3 to 13 yrs. Three and four year olds will camp out in the preschool tumble town gym. Those groups will be co-ed and limited to 6 campers per instructor. Big gym campers, ages 5 and older, will be divided between; girls groups and boys groups and age appropriate divisions. We will limit big gym groups to 8 campers per instructor.

Summer Camp is FULL


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