Girls Gymnastics (5-13 YRS)

Girls gymnastics is a 50-minute class in our Big Gym for girls 5 years old to 13 years old. The goal of the girls gymnastics program is to teach the proper drills and skills utilizing the gymnastics equipment and the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Girls in this class are reaching towards moving up to the next level by accomplishing specific goals on all events: cartwheels on the floor, pullover on bars and straddle jumps on the trampoline. This is a high-energy program that places great emphasis on proper form, technique, skill progression and fun. There are multiple levels of girls gymnastics for gymnasts at every age and skill level.

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Girls Big Gym Daytime (4-6 YRS)
Level 1 (5-7 yrs)
Level 2 (5-9 yrs)
Level 1 & 2 (8-13 yrs)

2021 Summer Session Dates & Tuition Fees

Tuition below is for 1 class per week for 8 weeks. There is a 10% discount for adding additional classes. Enroll at any time and tuition will prorate if the session has already started.

Dates Prices
Summer Session 5: June 7-July 29 $169.50
Annual Registration Fee: May apply depending on date of last Registration Fee payment $25