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OK Gold GymnasticsGymnastics Classes for Homeschool Kids

We offer classes for children who are homeschooled on Mondays at 1 p.m. The classes offered are Girls Gymnastics for 6 to 8-year-olds, Girls Gymnastics and Tumbling for 9-year-olds and over, Boys Gymnastics for 6-year-olds and over and Co-Ed Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for 6-year-olds and over.

2018-19 School Year Session Dates & Tuition Fees

Tuition below is for 1 class per week for 9 weeks. There is a 10% discount for adding additional classes.

Dates Prices
Session 3: January 14 – March 15, 2019 $135.00
*Session 4: March 25 – May 24, 2019 *$160.00
Annual Registration Fee: Individual (per child) $25.00

*This includes the $25 M&M Olympics fee

Gymnastics for Toddlers

At Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics we call our 1 and 2-year-olds Toddlers. This playful, parent and toddler class is for families with siblings in our Big Gym homeschool classes. It is centered around age-appropriate developmental movements using our one-of-a-kind Tumbletown facility, featuring a strong emphasis on socialization and group involvement. Designed as a transitional class, the Toddler group is being prepared to move into the Romper group where they will participate without the parent.

Parents, don’t worry if you haven’t done this before. Each class has a certified coach who will guide you and make sure the class is operating effectively. This class is perfect for bonding with your child and for an added fun time you can invite the entire playgroup to sign up for the same class time!


Homeschool Girls Gymnastics

Girls homeschool gymnastics is a 55-minute class in our Big Gym for girls 6 to 8 years old. The goal of this program is to teach the proper drills and skills for our beginner level gymnasts utilizing the gymnastics equipment and the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Girls in this class are reaching towards accomplishing specific goals on all events: cartwheels on the floor, pullover on bars and straddle jumps on the trampoline. This is a high-energy program that places great emphasis on proper form, technique, skill progression and fun. There are multiple levels of girls gymnastics for gymnasts at every age and skill level.


Homeschool Boys Gymnastics

Boys will grow their strength and learn basic core skills, necessary positions and support holds in this homeschool boys gymnastics class for boys 6 years old and over. A strong emphasis is placed on building strength, increasing flexibility and improving coordination through gymnastics equipment and the Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Boys will utilize specific equipment like the bars, vault, rings, and tumbling floor. They will also have a good time flying on our Zipline.


Homeschool Girls Power Tumbling

Oklahoma Gold has some of the best facilities for teaching and mastering power tumbling in the state. We have five in-ground trampolines, a 70-foot in-ground Tumbltrak and a 100-foot in-ground rod floor. In-ground equipment is safer, helps tumblers with their confidence and leads to faster paced skill development. The homeschool power tumbling class is for girls ages 9 years old and older and is coached by staff who can work with a variety of skill levels.


Homeschool Ninja Kids

Ninja Kids is a 55-minute class in our Big Gym for homeschool boys and girls 6 years old and older. You’ve seen it on TV, but now your child can try to conquer the two warped walls we have at OKG! Our multi-obstacle course is designed to teach coordination, critical thinking and improve strength. The ninja elements are always changing and surprising students with the next challenge. With each class, your child will grow confidence and self-esteem as they learn to master any challenge they face.