Ninja Warrior Clinic - June & July

Join us this summer for an exciting new activity. The ninja warrior clinic will definitely bring out the adventurous side of a child. Our one of a kind ninja warrior course will be put to the test. We will teach the ninjas how to negotiate the obstacles, and then we will race the course. Each day we will add new and exciting challenges. By day three, the ninjas will be ready to turn PRO. We will invite the parents into the gym to watch the action up close. We are looking forward to making some new ninja friends and having fun!

Clinic #1: June 18th - 20th     

Clinic #2: July 23rd - 25th   

3:00-4:30pm     $85 per ninja/per clinic   

Members and non-members welcome. Camper ages include boys and girls ages 5 to 13 yrs. We will divide the ninjas into groups by age, ability & friends. The first day our staff will be evaluating the ninjas and introduce to them the different obstacles they will be running. There will be three stages to master. Don't worry that it will be too hard. We have been running this program all year long. By the third day they will be ninja course experts!

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