Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics AAU Competitive Team Program


For many years, gymnastics clubs throughout the state have been looking for an alternative to the USAG competitive program. With ever increasing costs and time commitment required to participate in USAG, many clubs have had a hard time convincing parents to join. 


About three years ago, with the help of some of the top clubs in the state (Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics, Bart Conner, Dynamo, Mat Trotters, Victory, Jenks, Phillip 66, etc.) the Amateur Athletic Union competitive program was adopted. It wasn't designed to replace the USAG program; it was an alternative to it. 


Some of the reasons for this change to AAU were due to ever increasing costs associated with participating in USAG. It has become very expensive for USAG clubs in Oklahoma. There are coaching fees, athlete fees, uniform fees, travel fees, meet fees, judging fees, etc. All these expenses are being passed on to parents and it is becoming harder for clubs to justify.  


AAU is a better fit for Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics because it is a better progression from our recreational program. Our philosophies align better. The time commitment for parents and gymnasts is cut in half and even by a third in some instances. The financial commitment is less than half of what we had to charge for our USAG program. Attitude and philosophy, however, are the main reasons Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics prefers AAU. There is more emphasis placed on individual performance and effort, and less on winning. 


The implementation of AAU at Oklahoma Gold has been a positive experience for our club. If your child has aspirations to compete one day, our AAU program would be a great place to start.


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