Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics Climbing WallGym Safety and Rules

Safety is our #1 priority at Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics! We desire to create a fun and safe environment for all children to learn and achieve goals, so we take gym safety and rules very seriously. The following rules are given to each child during class or before any activities held at Oklahoma Gold. While we communicate our safety rules to every student and work to ensure each child’s safety during their time in the gym, we would appreciate if parents could remind their children of the safety rules before coming to class or any gym activity. Safety is a team effort, and we would appreciate your help!

General Safety and Rules

1. Always listen to the coaches in charge. They’re looking out for each child’s safety!
2. Coaches are the only ones allowed to throw the zipline or push the triple swing.
3. One at a time jumping on the trampolines.
4. One at a time jumping into the pit from the TumblTrak.
5. Children can only hang by their hands when on the rings.
6. Don’t go past the cone barriers around the triple swing or zipline.
7. Children may not jump from mats onto trampolines.
8. Children may not jump on each other in the pit. Always look before you drop in the pit and only drop in feet first.
9. The child’s head must be visible at all times while in the pit.
10. Parents or adults are not allowed to use equipment.

Little Gym Safety and Rules

1. Children can only climb up the rope and rock walls. They cannot climb down them.
2. Always slide down feet first.
3. One at a time on slide towers.
4. Children cannot jump off slide towers into the pit.
5. No running through the tunnel.
6. No running around the monkey bars.
7. Students riding the zipline may only drop on the whale mat, and must drop feet first.

Big Gym Safety and Rules

1. No walking on the red mats under the zipline.
2. Only one at a time on the yellow zipline stand.
3. If a child cannot make it up the Warped Wall they must slide down on their belly to protect their legs, ankles and knees.
4. Once on the ninja balcony, there is no jumping off. Children may only come down using cargo net, stairs or rock wall.
5. One at a time on each ninja warrior obstacle in the back pit.
6. Students riding the zipline may only drop in the pit, and must drop feet first.
7. Follow the white arrows on the ground to know where to walk when near the trampolines.