Tumbling Classes: Intermediate Level (8-13 yrs)

Unleash Your Tumbling Potential at Oklahoma Gold

At Oklahoma Gold, we take pride in offering top-notch facilities for the art of power tumbling, setting a standard in the state. Our arsenal includes five in-ground trampolines, an impressive 70-foot in-ground Tumbltrak, and a sprawling 100-foot in-ground rod floor. The use of in-ground equipment not only ensures safety but also fosters tumblers’ confidence, propelling them toward rapid skill development.

Elevate Your Skills with Intermediate Tumbling

Our Intermediate Tumbling program is custom-tailored for budding gymnasts aged 8 to 13 years old, eager to elevate their floor and trampoline prowess. This class serves as a dynamic platform for honing intermediate-level floor skills, including techniques such as handstand roll-outs and round-offs—a vital stepping stone toward mastering running tumbling skills. In addition, students harness the power of our in-ground trampolines, delving into backflip and backhandspring techniques with the aid of spotting belts.

Prerequisite: A Strong Cartwheel

To join this class, students should possess a solid foundation—a cartwheel executed with precision, starting and ending in a lunge position.

Preparing for Future Success

We’ve carefully crafted this class for students seeking to acquire floor skills exclusively, ideally those with prior gymnastics experience. If your child aspires to participate in middle school cheerleading or pom, our aim is to equip them with the tumbling prowess required for these school activities. It’s an investment in their future success, right here at Oklahoma Gold.

2023-24 Session Dates & Tuition Fees

Tuition and registration fees below are for one child’s enrollment for a 9-week session. There is a 10% discount for adding additional enrollments (siblings, multiple enrollments for same child). Tuition does prorate automatically online for enrolling after a session begins.

Dates Prices
Session 2 (October 23 – January 12) $204.50
Annual Registration Fee: May apply depending on date of last Registration Fee payment $30