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OK Gold GymnasticsSpecial Events for Kids

At Oklahoma Gold, we offer a variety of special events outside of our regularly scheduled classes and birthday parties. Our Parents’ Night Out and Summer Camp special events are offered at designated times throughout the year. The M&M Olympics is only offered for students participating in Session 4 of classes.

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Special Events Policies

Student Must Be Able to Use Restroom Independently2022-03-14T16:34:51+00:00

For all special events where parents do not have to remain present during the event such as Parents’ Night Out, Kids’ Day Out, Summer Clinics, Summer Camp, etc. students must be potty trained to go to the restroom by themselves. We reserve the right to not allow potty trained students to participate in these special events. If a student is enrolled, not able to use the restroom independently and there is not an adult to stay with the child to use the restroom there will not be a refund or credit applied to the account. However an adult is allowed to stay for the entire event in order to help their child use the restroom.

Special Event Cancellation Policy2022-03-14T16:33:46+00:00

For special events such as Parents’ Night Out, Kids’ Day Out, Summer Clinics and Summer Camp we do not offer refunds or credits for cancellations because these events are limited to a certain amount of children. Children who cancel after the special event has started will not be given a credit or refund. Cancellations may be honored if given at least a 6 hour notice to allow us to open the spot to another child. Morning of cancellations for special events occurring in the morning (Kids’ Day Out, Summer Camp, Summer Clinics) will not be given a credit or refund.

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