The M&M Olympics

Empowering Young Achievers at Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics

At Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics, our mission is to craft a recreational program where every child can bask in the glory of their hard-earned accomplishments and relish the triumphant feeling of standing atop the podium, much like their competitive gymnast counterparts. The roots of this mission date back to 1989 when Coach Steve, our visionary founder, introduced the M&M Olympics during his tenure coaching competitive boys gymnastics. Since then, it has become an enduring tradition and a cherished favorite among our gymnastics community.

The Grand Showcase: M&M Olympics

During the climactic final week of Session 4, Oklahoma Gold transforms into a stage of awe and excitement, hosting our annual exhibition program known as the M&M Olympics. Here, our students proudly showcase the skills and routines they’ve diligently honed throughout their classes. We extend a warm invitation to family and friends, encouraging them to witness their young gymnasts’ prowess on each apparatus, capture memorable moments with photographs, and celebrate the fruits of four sessions of unwavering dedication and hard work.

Embracing Tradition

In keeping with Olympic tradition, our talented gymnasts partake in an opening ceremony march-in that sets the stage for an unforgettable event. The grand finale arrives with a closing awards ceremony, where each gymnast is honored with a well-deserved trophy and a bag of M&M candies as tokens of their remarkable achievement. To commemorate this special occasion, every student receives an exclusive M&M Olympics t-shirt, a cherished memento of their journey towards excellence.

Join us at Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics as we empower our young achievers, instilling in them the values of dedication, perseverance, and the sheer joy of accomplishment, all under the shining spotlight of the M&M Olympics.

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