OK Gold GymnasticsUnique Gymnastics Facilities

Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics stands as the foremost destination for recreational gymnastics in Oklahoma. Our unique facility encompasses two distinct gyms, the “Little Gym” and the “Big Gym,” thoughtfully designed to cater to specific age groups, skill levels, and class objectives.

Established in 1998 with an initial 11,200-square-foot space, Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics quickly recognized the growing demand for excellence and expanded to a remarkable 20,000-square-foot facility in 2001. What sets us apart is the incorporation of exclusive features in both the Little Gym and the Big Gym, setting a benchmark not only in Oklahoma but throughout the entire United States.

Our facility is centered around creating an enriching and exhilarating learning experience for children, while we also keep the needs of parents in mind. To ensure parents stay closely connected with their child’s gymnastics journey, we have dedicated viewing rooms that provide a convenient vantage point to observe their children’s progress in each gym.

Tumbletown – A Child’s Paradise

OK Gold Gymnastics Trampoline

The “Little Gym,” affectionately known as “Tumbletown,” is an enchanting wonderland tailored for children, offering a delightful array of amenities. Here, young adventurers can relish in oversized slides, experience the thrill of trapeze swings suspended above a cushiony foam pit, bounce with boundless energy on a fleet of trampolines, zip through the air on a thrilling zip line and launch themselves onto the Tumbltrak with precision.

This extraordinary gym is a testament to the boundless creativity of Coach Steve. In 2001, he harnessed his imaginative prowess to craft a playground that perfectly caters to toddlers. Every element, every detail, and every whimsical feature within the gym was conceived by Coach Steve’s visionary sketches and painstakingly brought to life by his own hands, resulting in a space that truly defies conventional expectations.

Creative Gymnastics Facility

Located on the northern side of our establishment is the “Big Gym,” expertly designed to cater to school-age children. While it embodies the essence of a traditional gymnastics facility, it goes above and beyond to infuse an extra dose of vibrancy and excitement, setting it far apart from your typical gymnasiums.

Within the Big Gym, you’ll discover an exhilarating array of features, including an ensemble of trampolines to unleash boundless energy, a dynamic Ninja Warrior obstacle course complete with two imposing warped walls, a Tumbltrak for gravity-defying stunts into a cushiony foam pit, an assortment of balance beams at varying heights for skill refinement, a thrilling zip line adventure, and the safety of spotting belts for confident exploration.

With the wealth of amenities offered in both the Little Gym and the Big Gym, Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics reigns supreme as the ultimate destination in Edmond for memorable birthday parties and engaging recreational gymnastics experiences. We invite you to drop by and witness our facilities in action for yourself.