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Introducing Girls Level 2 Gymnastics

Experience Girls Level 2 gymnastics, a dynamic 50-minute class held within our expansive Big Gym, designed for girls as young as 5 years old. Our primary objective within the girls gymnastics program is to instill fundamental drills and skills, harnessing the full potential of gymnastics equipment.

Our Mission

At the heart of our girls gymnastics program lies the mission to cultivate mastery. Girls in this class strive to advance to the next level by achieving specific milestones across all gymnastics events. These milestones encompass mastering roundoffs on the floor, conquering pullovers on the bars, and executing precise handstand flatbacks on the trampoline.

An Energetic Experience

Girls Level 2 is an engaging and high-energy program where we place paramount importance on the principles of proper form, impeccable technique, skill progression, and above all, a sense of enjoyment and fun. It’s an environment where young gymnasts thrive, building strength, technique, and self-confidence as they progress on their gymnastics journey.

2023-24 Session Dates & Tuition Fees

Tuition and registration fees below are for one child’s enrollment for a 9-week session. There is a 10% discount for adding additional enrollments (siblings, multiple enrollments for same child). Tuition does prorate automatically online for enrolling after a session begins.

Dates Prices
Session 2 (October 23 – January 12) $204.50
Annual Registration Fee: May apply depending on date of last Registration Fee payment $30