Rompers Gymnastics (3 YRS)

OK Gold Gymnastics ParachuteAt Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics we call our 3-year-olds Rompers. The Rompers are without a parent in order to learn how to stay with a group, develop independence from their parent and begin to understand and follow directions. The Romper program will build on these concepts while introducing your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing motor strength, coordination and early gymnastics fundamentals.

Our Tumbletown gym is designed exactly for this purpose. Rompers will climb on rock and rope walls, ride Ziplines, triple swings, and bungee jumpers, and learn to execute skills on trampolines, trapezes, beams, and bars.

There will be six Rompers per coach. The class rotates to a new station every 10 minutes. They will be building and growing their muscles every class, but that’s not all we care about at OKG. Your child will also build their confidence and self-esteem, which are our most important building blocks for this age group.

Students must have turned 3 years old before joining the Rompers class.

2022-23 School Year Session Dates & Tuition Fees

Tuition and registration fees below are for one child’s enrollment for a 9-week session. There is a 10% discount for adding additional enrollments (siblings, multiple enrollments for same child). Tuition does prorate automatically online for enrolling after a session begins.

Dates Prices
Session 3 (January 9 – March 10) $194.50
Annual Registration Fee: May apply depending on date of last Registration Fee payment $25